Dear East London Late Starters Orchestra (phew that’s a long title!)

I wondered whether you would be able to share a project with any of your members… I’m hoping to spread the word amongst music lovers! 
I am running a project taking musical instruments to musicians in two refugee camps in Djibouti, North Africa - and I’m collecting musical instrument donations throughout April and beginning of May.
The project is being supported by a singer, Joss Stone, who was contacted by some musicians in the camps who don’t have access to instruments and would be so grateful if we were able to send them some.
I wondered if any of your members might have old instruments that they would like to donate (or sponsor an instrument through a financial donation)? We are in need of instruments and any support would be wonderful! I’ve attached a poster and an info page, please do pass along to anyone who might be interested in getting involved.
Our Facebook page is: 

Many thanks for your time and help.

Kind regards,

Hannah Walker
0770 487 1405
Refugee Music Project flyer